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About Us

Alternative Fees.

The flexibility to adjust to rapidly changing factual circumstances is one of the many reasons that client’s turn to Platzer, Swergold, Goldberg, Katz & Jaslow, LLP. Even prior to the current poor economic climate we recognized that flexibility must also be part of the costs associated with providing our valuable legal services. We take great pride in our ingenuity and creativity in developing alternative fee arrangements that suit the particular needs of a specific client or matter. In order to continue to demonstrate our commitment to our clients we have designed a range of flexible fee alternatives intended to accommodate our clients' individual needs that are discussed below.

Reasonable Hourly Rates.

Despite our Manhattan roots, providing significant value relative to cost has always been our model. Our billing rates are, and will continue to be, lower than many well-known firms of similar size and areas of practice with whom we compete. While our firm culture emphasizes efficiency and practicality we nonetheless believe that our experience and skill enable us to compete successfully at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

Blended Hourly Rates.

For some matters, Platzer, Swergold, Goldberg, Katz & Jaslow, LLP will bill the same hourly rate for all lawyers, whether a Partner or Associate, who work a client's matters, regardless of each lawyer's individual billing rate at a substantial discount. Blended rates are determined on the basis of work we expect to be provided by the client and the billing rates of those lawyers we anticipate will work on the matters for the client.

Contingency Fees; Local Counsel Network.

On certain litigation matters, our firm will afford clients the option of a contingency fee arrangement whereunder the client pays all costs and disbursements but our fee is a function of a percentage of the amount recovered on the claim. In cases which must be litigated, or in which judgments obtained by our firm must be enforced out of either New York State or New Jersey, Platzer, Swergold, Goldberg, Katz & Jaslow, LLP works closely with a referral network of attorneys throughout the country to facilitate these proceedings in other states.

Hybrid Fee Arrangements For Litigation.

In some situations, we can provide the client with a billing arrangement that makes the combination of the fee arrangements described above. For example, we could charge hourly fees and provide the client with the option to transition to a contingency fee at its discretion in the future.
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